Section 20

[Baqarah 2:164] Indeed in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the continuous alternation of night and day, and the ships which sail the seas carrying what is of use to men, and the water which Allah sends down from the sky thereby reviving the dead earth and dispersing all kinds of beasts in it, and the movement of the winds, and the obedient clouds between heaven and earth - certainly in all these are signs for the intelligent.


[Baqarah 2:165] And some people create for themselves Gods (objects of worship) other than Allah, with devotion (love) equal to the devotion of Allah; and the believers do not love anybody with love equal to the love of Allah; and what will be their state, when the punishment will be before the eyes of the unjust (disbelievers)? For all power belongs wholly to Allah, and because Allah’s punishment is very severe.


[Baqarah 2:166] (The day) when the leaders will be disgusted with their followers - and they shall see their punishment, and all their links will be cut off.


[Baqarah 2:167] And the followers will say, "If we were to return (to earth), we would break off from them like they have broken off from us"; this is how Allah will show them their deeds as despair for them; and they will never come out from the fire (hell).


Section 21

[Baqarah 2:168] O mankind! Eat from what is lawful and clean in the earth; and do not follow the footsteps of the devil; undoubtedly he is your open enemy.


[Baqarah 2:169] For he will only instruct you towards the evil and the shameful, and that you fabricate matters concerning Allah, what you do not know.