[Baqarah 2:203] And remember Allah in the counted days; so whoever hastens by departing in two days, there is no sin on him; and whoever stays on, there is no sin for him - for the pious; and keep fearing Allah, and know well that it is to Him you will be raised.


[Baqarah 2:204] And among men is one whose conversation may please you in the life of this world, and he brings Allah as witness to what is in his heart, whereas he is the biggest quarreller!


[Baqarah 2:205] And when he turns away, he creates turmoil in the earth and destroys crops and lives; and Allah is not pleased with turmoil.


[Baqarah 2:206] And when it is said to him, "Fear Allah", he becomes more resolute in committing sin - therefore hell is sufficient for such; and that is indeed, a very wretched resting place.


[Baqarah 2:207] And among men is one who sells himself to seek the pleasure of Allah; and Allah is Most Compassionate towards the bondmen.


[Baqarah 2:208] O People who Believe! Enter Islam in full - and do not follow the footsteps of the devil; indeed he is your open enemy.


[Baqarah 2:209] And if you renege, even after the clear commands have come to you, then know well that Allah is Almighty, Wise.


[Baqarah 2:210] What are they waiting for, except that Allah’s punishment should come through stretched clouds and the angels descend and the matter be finished? And all matters are directed only towards Allah.