Section 39


[Baqarah 2:282] O People who Believe! If you make an agreement for debt for a specified time, write it down; and appoint a scribe to write it for you with accuracy; and the scribe must not refuse to write in the manner Allah has taught him, so he must write; and the liable person (debtor ) should dictate it to him and fear Allah, Who is his Lord, and not hide anything of the truth; but if the debtor is of poor reasoning, or weak, or unable to dictate, then his guardian must dictate with justice; and appoint two witnesses from your men; then if two men are not available, one man and two women from those you would prefer to be witnesses, so that if one of them forgets, the other can remind her; and the witnesses must not refuse when called upon to testify; do not feel burdened to write it, whether the transaction is small or big - write it for up to its term’s end; this is closer to justice before Allah and will be a strong evidence and more convenient to dispel doubts amongst yourselves - except when it is an instant trade in which exchange is carried out immediately, there is no sin on you if it is not written down; and take witnesses whenever you perform trade; and neither the scribe nor the witnesses be caused any harm (or they cause any harm); and if you do, it would be an offence on your part; and fear Allah; and Allah teaches you; and Allah knows everything.