[A/I`mran 3:30] On the Day when every soul will be confronted with all the good that it has done; and all the evil that it has done - it will wish that perhaps there would have been a great distance between itself and the punishment; and Allah warns you of His punishment; and Allah is Most Compassionate towards His bondmen.

Section 4

[A/I`mran 3:31] Proclaim, (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), “O mankind! If you love Allah, follow me - Allah will love you and forgive you your sins”; and Allah is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful.

[A/I`mran 3:32] Proclaim, “Obey Allah and the Noble Messenger”; so if they turn away - then Allah is not pleased with the disbelievers.

[A/I`mran 3:33] Indeed Allah chose Adam, and Nooh, and the Family of Ibrahim, and the Family of Imran over the creation.

[A/I`mran 3:34] They are the descendants one of another; and Allah is the All Hearing, the All Knowing.

[A/I`mran 3:35] (Remember) When the wife of Imran said, “My Lord! I pledge to you what is in my womb - that it shall be dedicated purely in Your service, so accept it from me; indeed You only are the All Hearing, the All Knowing.”

[A/I`mran 3:36] So when she gave birth to it, she said, “My Lord! I have indeed given birth to a girl!” And Allah well knows what she gave birth to; and the boy she had prayed for is not like this girl; “And I have named her Maryam and I give her and her offspring in Your protection, against Satan the outcast.”

[A/I`mran 3:37] So her Lord fully accepted her (Maryam), and gave her an excellent development; and gave her in Zakaria’s guardianship; whenever Zakaria visited her at her place of prayer, he found new food with her; he said, “O Maryam! From where did this come to you?” She answered, “It is from Allah; indeed Allah gives to whomever He wills, without account.” (Miracles occur through the friends of Allah.)