[A/I`mran 3:174] So they returned with the favour and munificence from Allah, in that no harm reached them; they followed what pleased Allah; and Allah is Extremely Munificent.

[A/I`mran 3:175] It is the devil who threatens with his friends; so do not fear them and fear Me, if you have faith.

[A/I`mran 3:176] And O dear Prophet (Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) do not grieve for those who rush towards disbelief; they cannot cause any harm to Allah; and Allah does not will to assign them any portion in the Hereafter; and for them is a terrible punishment.

[A/I`mran 3:177] Those who have purchased disbelief in exchange of faith cannot cause any harm to Allah; and for them is a painful punishment.

[A/I`mran 3:178] And never must the disbelievers be under the illusion that the respite We give them is any good for them; We give them respite only for them to further advance in their sins; and for them is a disgraceful punishment.

[A/I`mran 3:179] Allah will not leave you, O People who Believe (the Muslims) in your present state, till He separates the evil from the good; and it does not befit Allah’s Majesty to give you, the common men, knowledge of the hidden, but Allah does choose from His Noble Messengers whomever He wills; so believe in Allah and His Noble Messengers; and if you believe and practice piety, for you is a great reward. (Allah gave the knowledge of the hidden to the Holy Prophet – peace and blessings be upon him.)

[A/I`mran 3:180] And never must those who act miserly upon what Allah has bestowed upon them of His grace, think that it is good for them; in fact it is harmful for them; soon what they had withheld will be collars round their necks on the Day of Resurrection; and Allah only is the Inheritor (Owner) of the heavens and the earth; and Allah is Well Aware of what you do.