[Nisa 4:7] For men is a share from what the parents and near relatives leave behind, and for women is a share from what the parents and near relatives leave behind, whether the wealth (inheritance) is small or large; the share is a fixed one.


[Nisa 4:8] And if relatives and orphans and the needy are present at the time of disbursement, give them something from it and speak to them with kindness.


[Nisa 4:9] And those people must fear, who if they die leaving behind them young children would be afraid for them; so they must fear Allah and speak with fairness.


[Nisa 4:10] Indeed those who unjustly devour the wealth of orphans only fill their bellies with fire; and soon they will go into a blazing pit.  


Section 2  

[Nisa 4:11] Allah commands you concerning your children; the sonís share is equal to that of two daughters; and if there are only daughters, for them is two-thirds of the inheritance, even if they are more than two; and if there is only one daughter, for her is half; and to each of the deceasedís parents a sixth of the inheritance, if he has children; and if the deceased has no children but leaves behind parents, then one third for the mother; and if he has several brothers and sisters, a sixth for the mother, after any will he may have made and payment of debt; your fathers and your sons - you do not know which of them will be more useful to you; this is the share fixed by Allah; indeed Allah is All Knowing, Wise.