Section 3


[Nisa 4:15] And take testimony from four chosen men amongst you, against the women among you who commit adultery; and if they testify, confine those women in the houses until death takes them away or Allah creates a solution for them.


[Nisa 4:16] And punish them both, the man and the woman, whoever are guilty of it (adultery); then if they repent and become pious, leave them; indeed Allah is the Most Acceptor Of Repentance, Most Merciful.


[Nisa 4:17] Undoubtedly the repentance which Allah has by His grace made obligatory upon Himself to accept, is only the repentance of those who commit sin in folly and then soon repent - towards them does Allah incline in mercy; and Allah is the All Knowing, the Wise.


[Nisa 4:18] And that repentance is not of those who constantly commit sins, and when death approaches one of them, he says, "I repent now", nor of those who die as disbelievers; for them, We have kept prepared a painful punishment.


[Nisa 4:19] O People who Believe! It is not lawful for you to forcibly become the women’s heirs; and do not restrain women with the intention of taking away a part of bridal money you gave them, unless they openly commit the shameful; and deal kindly with them; and if you do not like them, so it is possible that you dislike a thing in which Allah has placed abundant good.