[Nisa 4:20] And if you wish to change one wife for another and you have given her heaps of treasure, do not take back anything from it; will you take it back by slander and open sin?


[Nisa 4:21] And how will you take it back whereas you have become unveiled before each other, and they have taken a strong pledge from you?


[Nisa 4:22] And do not marry the women who were wedded to your fathers (and grand fathers), except what has already passed; that is indeed an act of shame and great wrong; and an evil way.


Section 4


[Nisa 4:23] Forbidden for you are your mothers, and your daughters, and your sisters, and your fatherís sisters, and your motherís sisters, and your brothersí daughters and your sistersí daughters, and your foster-mothers (who breast-fed you), and their daughters (your foster-sisters), and your wivesí mothers (mothers-in-law), and your wivesí daughters who are under your protection - born of the women with whom you have cohabited; and if you have not cohabited with them, then it is no sin for you to marry their daughters; and (forbidden are) the wives of your own sons (and foster-sons and grandsons) and the keeping of two sisters together in marriage, except what has already passed; indeed Allah is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful.