[Nisa 4:27] And Allah wills to incline towards you with His mercy; and those who pursue their own pleasures wish that you be far separated from the Straight Path.


[Nisa 4:28] Allah wills to lessen your burden; and man was created weak.


[Nisa 4:29] O People who Believe! Do not unjustly devour the property of each other, except through trade by mutual agreement; and do not kill yourselves; indeed Allah is Most Merciful upon you.


[Nisa 4:30] And whoever does that through injustice and oppression, We shall soon put him in the fire; and this is easy for Allah.


[Nisa 4:31] If you keep avoiding the cardinal sins that are forbidden to you, We will forgive you your other (lesser) sins and admit you into a noble place.


[Nisa 4:32] And do not long for things by which Allah has given superiority to some of you over others; for men is the share of what they earn; and for women the share from what they earn; and seek from Allah His munificence; indeed Allah knows everything.


[Nisa 4:33] And for all, We have appointed heirs - from whatever the parents and near relatives leave behind; and to those with whom you have made an agreement, give them their dues; indeed all things are present before Allah.