[Nisa 4:45] Allah well knows your enemies; Allah is Sufficient as a Guardian, and Allah is Sufficient as a Supporter.

[Nisa 4:46] Some of the Jews interchange the words from their places and say, “We hear and disobey” - and they say “Hear- may you not be able to hear” - and they say “Raena (Be considerate towards us)” distorting it with their tongues and in order to slander religion; had they said, “We hear and we obey” and “Kindly listen to us, O dear Prophet,” and “Look mercifully upon us, O dear Prophet”, it would have been much better for them and more just - but Allah has cursed them for their disbelief; so they do not believe except a little.

[Nisa 4:47] O People given the Book(s)! Believe in what We have sent down confirming the Book which you possess, before We transform some faces so turning them towards their backs, or curse them like We had cursed the people of Sabth; and (know that) the Allah’s command is always carried out!

[Nisa 4:48] Undoubtedly Allah does not forgive (the sin of ) of disbelieving in Him and forgives anything lower than it to whomever He wills; and whoever ascribes partners to Allah has invented a tremendous sin.

[Nisa 4:49] Did you not see those who proclaim their piety (cleanliness of deeds)? In fact Allah purifies whomever He wills, and no injustice, even equal to the hair upon a date seed will be done to them.

[Nisa 4:50] See how they fabricate lies against Allah! And this is a sufficient manifest sin.

Section 8


[Nisa 4:51] Did you not see those who received a portion of the Book, that they believe in idols and the devil, and say regarding the disbelievers that they are more rightly guided than the Muslims?