[Nisa 4:66] And had We decreed for them to slay themselves or to leave their homes and families, only a few of them would have done it; and if they did what they are advised to, it would be good for them, and would have strengthened faith.

[Nisa 4:67] And were it so, We would bestow upon them a great reward from Ourselves.

[Nisa 4:68] And would certainly guide them to the Straight Path.

[Nisa 4:69] And whoever obeys Allah and His Noble Messenger, will be with

those upon whom Allah has bestowed grace - that is, the Prophets and the truthful and the martyrs and the virtuous; and what excellent companions they are!

[Nisa 4:70] This is Allah’s munificence; and Allah is Sufficient, the All Knowing.


Section 10

[Nisa 4:71] O People who Believe! Be cautious, then advance towards the enemy in small numbers or all together.

[Nisa 4:72] Indeed among you is one who will certainly loiter behind; then if some disaster were to befall you, he would say, "It was Allah’s grace upon me that I was not present with them!"

[Nisa 4:73] And were you to receive Allah’s munificence (a bounty), he would surely say - as if there had been no friendship between you and him - "Alas - if only I had been with them, I would have achieved a great success!"

[Nisa 4:74] So those who sell the life of this world for the Hereafter, must fight in Allah's cause; and We shall bestow a great reward upon whoever fights in Allah's cause, whether he is martyred or is victorious.