[Nisa 4:75] And what is the matter with you, that you should not fight in Allahís cause and for the feeble men, and women, and children, who invoke, "Our Lord! Liberate us from this town, the people of which are unjust; and give us a protector from Yourself; and give us a supporter from Yourself." (Allah has created many supporters for the believers.)

[Nisa 4:76] The believers fight for Allahís cause; and the disbelievers fight for the devilís cause - so fight against the friends of the devil; undoubtedly the devilís conspiracy is weak.


Section 11


[Nisa 4:77] Did you not see those to whom it was said, "Restrain your hands, keep the prayer established and pay the charity"; but when fighting was ordained for them, some of them started fearing people, the way they feared Allah - or even greater! And they said, "Our Lord! Why have You ordained fighting for us? If only You would have let us live some more!" Say (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), "The usage of this world is meagre; and the Hereafter is better for the pious; and you will not be wronged even (the weight of) a single thread."

[Nisa 4:78] Death will come to you wherever you may be, even if you were in strong fortresses; if some good reaches them they say, "This is from Allah"; and if any misfortune reaches them, they say, "This is from you"; say, "Everything is from Allah"; what is wrong with these people, that they do not seem to understand anything?

[Nisa 4:79] Whatever good reaches you, O listeners, is from Allah, and whatever ill reaches you is from yourselves; and We have sent you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) as a Noble Messenger towards all mankind; and Allah is Sufficient, as a Witness.