[Nisa 4:102] And when you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) are among them and lead them in prayer, only a group of them should be with you, and they must keep their weapons with them; so when they have performed their prostrations they should move away behind you; and the other group that had not prayed, must come and offer prayers in your leadership, keeping their guard and weapons with them; the disbelievers wish that you neglect your arms and your means so they may overpower you with a single attack; it is no sin for you to lay aside your arms due to rain or if you are sick; and keep your guard; undoubtedly Allah has kept prepared a disgraceful punishment for the disbelievers.


[Nisa 4:103] So when you have offered your prayers remember Allah while standing, sitting and reclining; and when you feel secure, offer prayers in the usual manner; indeed prayers are a time bound obligatory duty upon the Muslims.


[Nisa 4:104] Do not relax in pursuit of the disbelievers; if you are suffering, they also suffer as you do; and you expect from Allah what they do not; and Allah is All Knowing, Wise.


Section 16


[Nisa 4:105] We have indeed sent down the true Book towards you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), so that you may judge between men, in the way Allah may show you; and do not plead on behalf of the treacherous.