[Nisa 4:114] Most of their discussions do not contain any good, except of the one who enjoins charity or goodness or peace-making among people; whoever does that to seek the pleasure of Allah - We shall soon give him a great reward.

 [Nisa 4:115] And whoever opposes the Noble Messenger after the right path has been made clear to him, and follows a way other than that of the Muslims, We shall leave him as he is, and put him in hell; and what a wretched place to return!


Section 18

[Nisa 4:116] Allah does not forgive (the greatest sin) that partners be ascribed with Him - and He forgives all that is below (lesser sins) it, to whomever He wills; and whoever ascribes partners with Allah has indeed wandered far astray.

[Nisa 4:117] The polytheists do not worship Allah, except some females; and they do not worship anyone except the rebellious Satan.

[Nisa 4:118] The one whom Allah has cursed; and the devil said, "I swear, I will certainly take an appointed portion of Your bondmen," -

[Nisa 4:119] "And I will surely lead them astray, and I will certainly arouse desires in them, and I will definitely order them so they will pierce animals’ ears, and I will definitely order them so they will alter Allah’s creation"; and whoever chooses the devil for a friend instead of Allah, has indeed suffered a manifest loss.

[Nisa 4:120] The devil promises them and arouses desires in them; and the devil does not give them promises except of deceit.

[Nisa 4:121]The destination for such is hell; they will not find any refuge from it.