[Nisa 4:122] And those who believed and did good deeds - We shall soon admit them into Gardens beneath which rivers flow, abiding in them for ever and ever; a true promise from Allah; and whose Words are more true than those of Allah? (Allah does not lie.)


[Nisa 4:123] The affair does not rest on your thoughts, nor the cravings of the People given the Book(s); whoever does wrong will get the recompense of it - and will not find, other than Allah, any friend or any supporter.


[Nisa 4:124] And whoever does some good deeds, be it a man or woman, and is a Muslim, will be admitted to Paradise and they will not be wronged even to the extent of one sesame.


[Nisa 4:125] And whose religion is better than one who submits his self to Allah and is virtuous and follows the religion of Ibrahim, who was far removed from all falsehood? And Allah made Ibrahim His close friend.


[Nisa 4:126] And to Allah only belongs all whatever is in the heavens and all whatever is in the earth; and Allah has control over all things.


Section 19


[Nisa 4:127] And they ask you the decree concerning women; say, “Allah gives you a decree concerning them - and what is recited to you from the Qur’an concerning orphan girls, that you are not giving them which is ordained for them, and you are avoiding marrying them - and concerning the weak children, and that you must firmly establish justice in dealing with the orphans’ rights; and whatever good deeds you do, then Allah is Well Aware of it.”