Section 20


[Nisa 4:135] O People who Believe! Be firm in establishing justice, giving witness for Allah, even if it is harmful to yourselves or parents or relatives; whether the one you testify against is wealthy or poor, for in any case Allah has the greater right over it; then do not follow your wishes for you may stray from the truth; and if you distort testimony or turn away, then Allah is Well Aware of your deeds.


[Nisa 4:136] O People who Believe! Have faith in Allah and His Noble Messenger and the Book He has sent down upon this Noble Messenger of His, and the Book He sent down before; and whoever does not accept faith in Allah and His angels and His Books and His Noble Messengers and the Last Day, has undoubtedly wandered far astray.


[Nisa 4:137] Indeed those who believe, then disbelieve and then again believe, then again disbelieve, and go further in their disbelief - Allah will never forgive them, nor ever guide them to the path.


[Nisa 4:138] Give glad tidings to the hypocrites, that for them is a painful punishment.


[Nisa 4:139] Those who leave the Muslims to befriend the disbelievers; do they seek honour from them? Then (know that) undoubtedly all honour is for Allah.


[Nisa 4:140] And indeed Allah has sent down to you in the Book that whenever you hear the signs of Allah being rejected or being made fun of, do not sit with those people, until they engage in some other conversation; or you too are like them; undoubtedly Allah will gather the hypocrites and the disbelievers, all together, into hell.