[Nisa 4:141] Those who keep watching your circumstances; so if a victory comes to you from Allah, they say, "Were we not with you?"; and if victory is for disbelievers, they say, "Did we not have control over you, and protect you from the Muslims?" Allah will judge between you all on the Day of Resurrection; and Allah will not provide the disbelievers any way over the Muslims.


Section 21


[Nisa 4:142] Undoubtedly the hypocrites, in their fancy, seek to deceive Allah whereas He will extinguish them while making them oblivious; and when they stand up for prayer, they do it unwillingly and for others to see, and they do not remember Allah except a little.

[Nisa 4:143] Fluctuating in the middle; neither here (in faith) nor there (in disbelief); and for one whom Allah sends astray, you will not find a way.

[Nisa 4:144] O People who Believe! Do not befriend disbelievers in place of Muslims; do you wish to give Allah a clear proof against you?

[Nisa 4:145] Undoubtedly the hypocrites are in the deepest segment of hell; and you will never find any supporter for them.

[Nisa 4:146] Except those who repented and reformed themselves and held fast to Allah’s rope and made their religion sincerely only for Allah - so they are with the Muslims; and Allah will soon bestow upon the believers a great reward.

[Nisa 4:147] And what will Allah gain by punishing you, if you acknowledge the truth and accept faith? And Allah is Most Appreciative, All Knowing.