[Maidah 5:14] And We made a covenant with those who proclaimed, “We are Christians” - they then forgot a large portion of the advices given to them; We have therefore instilled enmity and hatred between them till the Day of Resurrection; and Allah will soon inform them of what they were doing.

[Maidah 5:15] O People given the Book(s)! Indeed this Noble Messenger (Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) of Ours has come to you, revealing to you a lot of the things which you had hidden in the Book, and forgiving a lot of them; indeed towards you has come a light * from Allah, and a clear Book. (* The Holy Prophet is a light from Allah).

[Maidah 5:16] With it, Allah guides whoever obeys the will of Allah to the paths of peace, and takes them out of darkness towards light by His command, and guides them to the Straight Path.

[Maidah 5:17] They have indeed become disbelievers who say, “Messiah, the son of Maryam is certainly Allah”; say, “Who can then do anything against Allah, if He wills to destroy the Messiah, the son of Maryam, and his mother and everyone on earth?” And for Allah only is the kingship of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them; He creates whatever He wills; and Allah is Able to do all things.