[Maidah 5:46] And We brought Eisa the son of Maryam, following the footsteps of those Prophets, confirming the Taurat which preceded him - and We bestowed upon him the Injeel (Bible) in which is guidance and light, and confirms the Taurat which preceded it, and a guidance and an advice to the pious.

[Maidah 5:47] And the People of Injeel must judge by what Allah has sent down in it; and whoever does not judge according to what is sent down by Allah - it is they who are the sinners.

[Maidah 5:48] And O dear Prophet (Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) We have sent down the true Book upon you, confirming the Books preceding it, and a protector and witness over them - therefore judge between them according to what is sent down by Allah, and O listener, do not follow their desires, abandoning the truth which has come to you; We have appointed for you all, a separate (religious) law and a way; and had Allah willed He could have made you one nation, but the purpose (His will) is to test you by what He has given you, therefore seek to surpass one another in good deeds; towards Allah only you will all return, so He will inform you concerning the matter in which you disputed.

[Maidah 5:49] And therefore, O Muslims, judge between them according to what is sent down by Allah, and do not follow their desires, and be cautious of them so that they may not divert you from some commands which have been sent down to you; then if they turn away, know that Allah’s will is to punish them for some of their sins; and indeed many men are disobedient.

[Maidah 5:50] So do they wish a judgement of ignorance? And whose judgement is better than that of Allah, for the people who are certain?