[Maidah 5:65] If the People given the Book(s) had accepted faith and been pious, We would have certainly redeemed them of their sins and would have certainly taken them into serene Gardens.

[Maidah 5:66] And had they kept the Taurat and the Injeel established, and what was sent down towards them from their Lord, they would have received sustenance from above and from beneath their feet; among them is a group who is fair; but most of them commit extremely evil deeds.

Section 10

[Maidah 5:67] O Noble Messenger (Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him)! Convey all what has been sent down upon you from your Lord; and if you do not, then you have not conveyed any of His messages; and Allah will protect you from the people; indeed Allah does not guide the disbelievers.

[Maidah 5:68] Say, “O People given the Book(s)! You are nothing until you establish the Taurat and the Injeel, and what was sent down towards you from your Lord”; and this Book which has been sent down upon you from your Lord will cause many of them to advance in their rebellion and disbelief; so do not at all grieve for the disbelievers.

[Maidah 5:69] Indeed those who call themselves Muslims - and similarly among the Jews, and the Sabeans, and the Christians * - whoever sincerely accepts faith in Allah and the Last Day, and does good deeds - so there shall be no fear upon them nor shall they grieve. (Whoever among them converts to Islam).

[Maidah 5:70] We made a covenant with the Descendants of Israel and sent Noble Messengers towards them; whenever a Noble Messenger came to them with whatever was not according to their own desires, they denied some of them and some they slew.