[Ana`am 6:9] And had we appointed an angel as a Prophet, We would still have made him as a man and would keep them in the same doubt, as they are now in.

[Ana`am 6:10] And certainly, O dear Prophet (Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) the Noble Messengers before you have also been mocked at, so those who laughed at them were themselves ruined by their own mocking.

Section 2

[Ana`am 6:11] Proclaim, “Travel in the land, and see what sort of fate befell those who denied.”

[Ana`am 6:12] Say, “To Whom does all whatever is in the heavens and the earth, belong?” Proclaim, “To Allah”; He has prescribed mercy upon His grace; undoubtedly, He will surely gather you all together on the Day of Resurrection in which there is no doubt; those who put their souls to ruin, do not accept faith.

[Ana`am 6:13] And to Him only belongs all whatever exists in the night and in the day; and He only is the All Hearing, the All Knowing.

[Ana`am 6:14] Say, “Shall I choose as a supporter someone other than Allah, Who is the Originator of the heavens and the earth and Who feeds and does not need to eat?” Say, “I have been ordered to be the first to submit myself (to Him), and O people, do not be of the polytheists.”

[Ana`am 6:15] Say, “If I disobey my Lord, I then fear the punishment of the Great Day (of Resurrection).”

[Ana`am 6:16] Indeed Allah’s mercy has been upon him, from whom the punishment has been averted on that Day; and this is the clear success.

[Ana`am 6:17] And if Allah afflicts you with some misfortune, then there is none who can remove it, except Him; and if He sends you some good fortune, then (know that) He is Able to do all things.

[Ana`am 6:18] He is the Omnipotent over His bondmen; and He is the Wise, the Aware.