[Ana`am 6:69] And the pious are not accountable for them in the least, apart from the giving of advice so that they may avoid.

[Ana`am 6:70] And forsake those who have made their religion a mockery and play, and whom the worldly life has deceived - and advise them with this Qur’an so that a soul may not be seized for what it earns; other than Allah it will not have a protector nor an intercessor; and if it offers every recompense in exchange for itself, it will not be accepted from it; these are the ones who are seized for their own deeds; for them is boiling water to drink and a painful punishment, as a recompense of their disbelief. (The disbelievers will not have any intercessors.)

Section 9

[Ana`am 6:71] Say, “Shall we worship, other than Allah, that which neither benefits us nor harms us, and (therefore) be turned back after Allah has guided us, like one whom the devils have led astray in the earth - bewildered?; his companions call him to the path (saying), ‘Come here’”; say, “Indeed only the guidance of Allah is (the true) guidance; and we are commanded to submit to the Lord Of The Creation.”

[Ana`am 6:72] “And to keep the (obligatory) prayer established and to fear Him; and it is to Him that you are to be raised.”

[Ana`am 6:73] And it is He Who perfectly created the heavens and the earth; and when He will say “Be” on the Day (of Resurrection) to all the extinct things, it will happen immediately; His Word is true; and it will be His kingship on the day when the Trumpet is blown; All Knowing of all the hidden and the revealed; and He only is the Wise, the Aware.