Section 11

[Ana`am 6:91] And they (the Jews) did not realise (or appreciate) the importance of Allah as was required when they said, “Allah has not sent down anything upon any human being”; say, “Who has sent down the Book which Moosa brought, a light and guidance for mankind, which you have divided into different papers, some which you show and hide most of them? And (by which) you are taught what you did not know nor did your forefathers?” Say, “Allah” - then leave them playing in their indecency.

[Ana`am 6:92] And this is the blessed Book which We have sent down, confirming the Books preceding it, and in order that you may warn the leader of all villages and all those around it in the entire world; and those who believe in the Hereafter accept faith in this Book, and guard their prayers.

[Ana`am 6:93] Who is more unjust than one who fabricates lies against Allah or says, “I have received divine inspiration”, whereas he has not been inspired at all - and one who says, “I will now reveal something similar to what Allah has sent down”? And if you see when the unjust are in the throes of death and the angels are with their hands outstretched; (saying) “Surrender your souls; this day you shall be given a disgraceful punishment - the recompense of your fabricating lies against Allah, and your scorning His signs.”

[Ana`am 6:94] “And indeed you (the disbelievers) have now come to Us alone as We had created you at first, and you have left behind you all the wealth and riches We had bestowed upon you; and We do not see your intercessors along with you, whom you claimed to possess a share in you; indeed the link between yourselves is cut off, and you have lost all what you contended.”