[Ana`am 6:119] And what is the matter with you that you should not eat from that over which Allah’s name has been mentioned whereas He has explained in detail to you all what is forbidden to you except when you are forced (by circumstances) towards it? And indeed many lead astray by their own desires, out of ignorance; indeed your Lord well knows the transgressors.

[Ana`am 6:120] And give up the open and hidden sins; those who earn sins will soon receive the punishment of their earnings.

[Ana`am 6:121] And do not eat that on which Allah’s name has not been mentioned, and indeed that is disobedience; and undoubtedly the devils inspire in the hearts of their friends to fight with you; and if you obey them, you are then polytheists.

Section 15

[Ana`am 6:122] And will the one who was dead and so We raised him to life and set for him a light with which he walks among the people, ever be like the one who is in realms of darkness never to emerge from them? Similarly, the deeds of disbelievers are made to appear good to them.

[Ana`am 6:123] And similarly, We have made in every town leaders among its criminals that they may conspire in it; and they do not conspire except against themselves and they do not have perception.

[Ana`am 6:124] And when a sign comes to them, they say, “We will not believe until we are given the same which Allah’s Noble Messengers were given”; Allah knows best where to place His message (Prophethood); soon the guilty will be afflicted with disgrace before Allah and a severe punishment due to their scheming.