[Ana`am 6:138] And they said, “These cattle and crops are forbidden; only those whom we wish can eat them” - in their opinion - and some cattle are those which they have forbidden riding upon, and some cattle over which they do not mention the name of Allah while slaughtering - all this is fabricating lies against Allah; He will soon repay them for their fabrications.

[Ana`am 6:139] And they said, “The animals in the bellies of such cattle are purely for our males and forbidden to our women; and if the animal is stillborn, they all have a share of it”; soon Allah will repay them for their utterances; indeed He is Wise, All Knowing.

[Ana`am 6:140] Indeed ruined are those who slay their children out of senseless ignorance and forbid the sustenance which Allah has bestowed upon them, in order to fabricate lies against Allah; they have undoubtedly gone astray and not attained the path.

Section 17

[Ana`am 6:141] It is He Who produces gardens spread on the ground and above, and the date-palm, and crops of various flavours, and the olive and the pomegranate, similar in some respects and unlike in others; eat from its fruit when it bears yield, and pay the due (obligatory charity) from it on the day it is harvested; and do not be wasteful; indeed the wasteful are not liked by Allah.

[Ana`am 6:142] And from the cattle, some for burdens, some spread on the earth; eat of the sustenance which Allah has bestowed upon you, and do not follow the footsteps of the devil; undoubtedly he is your open enemy.