[Ana`am 6:147] Then if they deny you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) say, “Your Lord has boundless mercy; and His wrath is never withdrawn from the culprits.”

[Ana`am 6:148] The polytheists will now say, “Had Allah willed, we would not have ascribed partners (to Him) nor would have our forefathers, nor would we have forbidden anything”; similarly those before them had denied, till the time they tasted Our punishment; say, “Do you have any knowledge so you can offer it to us? You follow only assumptions and only make guesses.”

[Ana`am 6:149] Say, “Then only Allah’s argument is the complete one; so had He willed, He would have guided you all.”

[Ana`am 6:150] Say, “Bring your witnesses who can testify that Allah has forbidden this”; then if they do testify, O listener (followers of this Prophet) do not bear witness along with them and do not follow the desires of those who deny Our signs, and of those who do not believe in the Hereafter and who ascribed equals to their Lord.

Section 19

[Ana`am 6:151] Say, “Come - so that I may recite to you what your Lord has forbidden for you that ‘Do not ascribe any partner to Him and be good to parents; and do not kill your children because of poverty; We shall provide sustenance for all - you and them; and do not approach lewd things, the open among them or concealed; and do not unjustly kill any life which Allah has made sacred; this is the command to you, so that you may have sense.’