[Aa`raf 7:23] They both submitted, "Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves; so if You do not forgive us and have mercy on us, then surely, we are of the losers."


[Aa`raf 7:24] He said, "Go down, one of you is a foe unto the other; and for a fixed time you shall stay on earth and feed in it."


[Aa`raf 7:25] He said, “You shall live there and there shall you die, and from there only you will be raised.”


Section 3

[Aa`raf 7:26] O Descendants of Adam! We have sent down to you a garment to conceal your shame, and another garment for your elegance; and the garment of piety - that is the best; this is among the signs of Allah, so that they may remember.


[Aa`raf 7:27] O Descendants of Adam, beware! Do not let Satan put you in trial the way he removed your parents from Paradise and had their garments removed so that their shame become visible to them; indeed he and his tribe see you from where you do not see them; indeed We have made the devils the friends of those who do not believe.


[Aa`raf 7:28] And when they commit any shameful act they say, "We found our forefathers on it and Allah has commanded it to us"; say, "Indeed Allah does not ordain shamelessness; what! You attribute things to Allah, which you do not know?"


[Aa`raf 7:29] Say, "My Lord has ordained justice; and set your attention straight every time you offer pray and worship Him, as only His devoted worshippers; the way He brought you into being, in the same manner will you return."


[Aa`raf 7:30] He has guided one group, and one group’s error has been proved; instead of Allah, they have chosen the devil as their friend and they assume that they are on guidance!