[Aa`raf 7:44] And the people of Paradise said to the people of hell, "We have surely received what our Lord had truly promised us - so have you also received what your Lord had truly promised?" They said, "Yes"; and an announcer between them proclaimed, "The curse of Allah is upon the unjust." -


[Aa`raf 7:45] "Those who prevent from the path of Allah and wish to distort it; and who disbelieve in the Hereafter."


[Aa`raf 7:46] Between Paradise and Hell is a veil; and on the Heights will be some men who will recognise them all by their foreheads; and they call to the people of Paradise, "Peace be upon you"; they have not entered Paradise and they yearn for it.


[Aa`raf 7:47] And when their eyes turn towards the people of hell, they will say, "Our Lord! Do not put us along with the unjust."

 Section 6  

[Aa`raf 7:48] And the men on the Heights will call to some men whom they recognise by their foreheads, and say, "What benefit did your derive from your populace and from what you prided in?"


[Aa`raf 7:49] "Are these the people (Muslims) regarding whom you swore that Allah would not have mercy on them at all? Whereas to the Muslims it has been said ‘Enter Paradise; you shall have no fear nor any grief.’ "


[Aa`raf 7:50] And the people of hell will cry out to the people of Paradise, "Provide us some benefit from your water or from the food Allah has provided you"; they will say, "Indeed Allah has forbidden both to the disbelievers."


[Aa`raf 7:51] People who made their religion a sport and pastime, and whom the worldly life deceived; so this day We will disregard them, the way they had neglected their confronting of this day, and the way they used to deny Our signs.