[Aa`raf 7:105] "It is obligatory for me not to speak concerning Allah except the truth; I have come to you all with a clear sign from your Lord, therefore let the Descendants of Israel go with me."

[Aa`raf 7:106] Said Firaun, "If you have come with a sign, then present it if you are truthful!"

[Aa`raf 7:107] Therefore Moosa put down his staff - it immediately turned into a visible python.

[Aa`raf 7:108] And putting his hand in his bosom, withdrew it - so it shone brightly before the beholders.


Section 14

[Aa`raf 7:109] Said the chieftains of Firaun’s people, "He is really an expert magician."

[Aa`raf 7:110] "He wishes to expel you all from your kingdom; so what do you advise?"

[Aa`raf 7:111] They said, "Stop him and his brother, and send announcers to the cities to gather people."

[Aa`raf 7:112] "To bring all the expert magicians to you."

[Aa`raf 7:113] And the magicians came to Firaun, and said, "Will we get some reward if we are victorious?"

[Aa`raf 7:114] He said, "Yes, and you will then become close to me."

[Aa`raf 7:115] They said, "O Moosa! You may throw first - or shall we be the first to throw?"

[Aa`raf 7:116] He said, "You throw"; when they threw, they cast a magic spell upon the people’s eyes and terrified them, and they brought a great magic.

[Aa`raf 7:117] And We inspired Moosa that, "Put forth your staff"; it immediately began swallowing up their fabrications.

[Aa`raf 7:118] So the truth was proved and their works were disproved.

[Aa`raf 7:119] They were therefore defeated here and they turned back humiliated.

[Aa`raf 7:120] And the magicians were obliged to fall prostrate.