[Aa`raf 7:150] And when Moosa returned to his people, angry and upset, he said, "What an evil way you have handled affairs on my behalf, behind me; did you hasten upon the command of your Lord?" And he cast down the stone tablets, and catching hold of his brothers hair, began pulling him towards him; said Haroon said, "O the son of my mother! The people thought I was weak and would have probably killed me; so do not make my enemies laugh at me and do not identify me with the unjust."


[Aa`raf 7:151] He submitted, "My Lord! Forgive me and my brother and admit us into Your mercy; and You are the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy."


Section 19


[Aa`raf 7:152] Indeed those who took the calf - the punishment from their Lord, and humiliation will reach them in the life of this world; and this is the way We reward those who fabricate lies.


[Aa`raf 7:153] And those who performed misdeeds and then repented and accepted faith - so after that, your Lord is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful.


[Aa`raf 7:154] And when the anger of Moosa abated, he picked up the stone tablets; and in their texts are guidance and mercy for those who fear their Lord.


[Aa`raf 7:155] And Moosa chose seventy men from his people for Our promise; therefore when the earthquake seized them, he submitted, "My Lord! If You had willed You could have destroyed them and me, even earlier! Will You destroy us for the deeds which the ignorant among us did? That is not but Your testing us; with it You send astray whomever You will and guide whomever You will; You are our Master, so forgive us and have mercy on us, and You are the Best of the Forgiving."