[Aa`raf 7:171] And when We raised the Mount (Sinai) above them as if it were a canopy, and they thought that it would fall upon them; "Accept firmly what We have given you, and remember what is in it, so that you may become pious."


Section 22 

[Aa`raf 7:172] And remember when your Lord brought forth the generations from the backs of the Descendants of Adam, and made them their own witness; "Am I not your Lord?"; they all said, "Yes surely You are, why not? We testify"; for you may say on the Day of Resurrection that, "We were unaware of this."


[Aa`raf 7:173] Or you may say, "It is our ancestors who first ascribed partners (to Allah) and we were (their) children after them; so will You destroy us on account of the deeds of the followers of falsehood?"

[Aa`raf 7:174] And this is how We explain the verses in different ways, and so that they may return.

[Aa`raf 7:175] And O dear Prophet (Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) recite to them the case of the one to whom We gave Our revelations, and in response he departed from them completely - so Satan went after him - he therefore became of the astray.

[Aa`raf 7:176] And had We willed We could have raised him because of the revelations, but he clung to the earth and followed his own desires; his condition therefore is like that of a dog; if you attack him he hangs out his tongue and if you leave him he hangs out his tongue; this is the state of the people who denied Our signs; therefore preach, so that they may give thought.

[Aa`raf 7:177] What an evil example is of those who denied Our signs and used to wrong only their own souls.

[Aa`raf 7:178] Whomever Allah guides - only he is on the right path; and whomever He sends astray - it is they who are the losers.