[Anfal 8:46] And obey Allah and His Noble Messenger, and do not dispute with one another for you will lose courage again and your strength will be lost, and patiently endure; indeed Allah is with those who patiently endure.

[Anfal 8:47] And do not be like those who came out from their houses proudly, and to be seen by men, and they prevent people from Allahís way; and all their actions are within Allahís control.

Section 7

[Anfal 8:48] And when Satan made their deeds seem good in their sight and said, "This day no one can overpower you, and you are under my protection"; so when the two armies came face to face, he scrambled back and said, "I am unconcerned with you - I can see what is not visible to you - I fear Allah"; and Allahís punishment is severe.

[Anfal 8:49] When the hypocrites and those in whose hearts is a disease were saying, "These Muslims are proud of their religion"; and whoever trusts Allah, then indeed Allah is Almighty, Wise.

[Anfal 8:50] And if you see the angels when they are removing the souls of the disbelievers, hitting them on their faces and their backs; "Taste more of the punishment of the fire!" (Punishment in the grave is proven by this verse.)

[Anfal 8:51] "This is the recompense of what your own hands have sent ahead, and Allah does not oppress His bondmen."

[Anfal 8:52] Like the ways of Firaunís people, and those before them; they disbelieved in the signs of Allah - therefore Allah seized them on account of their sins; indeed Allah is Most Powerful, Severe in Punishing.