[Anfal 8:53] This is because Allah does not change the favour He has bestowed upon any people until they first change themselves, and indeed Allah is All Hearing, All Knowing.

[Anfal 8:54] Like the ways of Firaunís people and those before them; they denied the signs of Allah - We therefore destroyed them on account of their sins and We drowned the people of Firaun; and they all were unjust.

[Anfal 8:55] Indeed the worst beasts in the sight of Allah are the people who disbelieve and do not accept faith.

[Anfal 8:56] Those with whom you made a treaty, then they break their agreement each time and do not fear.

[Anfal 8:57] So if you find them in battle, kill them in a manner which makes those behind them scamper back, in the hope that they may learn a lesson.

[Anfal 8:58] And if you apprehend treachery from a nation, then throw back their treaty towards them in reciprocity; indeed Allah does not like the treacherous.

Section 8

[Anfal 8:59] And never may the disbelievers pride that they have escaped; indeed they can never defeat.

[Anfal 8:60] And keep ready for them the maximum of forces you can and the maximum number of horses you can keep tethered, in order to instil awe in the hearts of those who are the enemies of Allah and who are your enemies, and in the hearts of some others whom you do not know; Allah knows them; and whatever you spend in Allah's cause will be repaid to you in full and you will never be in a loss.

[Anfal 8:61] And if they incline towards peace, you too lean towards it, and trust Allah; indeed He only is the All Hearing, the All Knowing.