Section 3

[Yunus 10:21] And when We give mankind the taste of mercy after some hardship which had afflicted them, they immediately start conspiring against Our signs; proclaim, "The secret plan of Allah is the fastest"; indeed Our angels record your scheming.

[Yunus 10:22] It is He Who transports you over the land and the sea; to the extent that when you are in ships - and the ships sail with them with a favourable breeze and they rejoice at it - a gust of strong wind reaches them and waves come to them from every side and they realise that they are surrounded, - thereupon they pray to Allah as His sincere bondmen that, "If You rescue us from this, we will surely be thankful."

[Yunus 10:23] Then when He rescues them, they start wrongfully committing oppression in the earth; O mankind! Your oppression is only a torment against yourselves; derive the benefit until you live in this world; you have then to return to Us and thereupon We shall show you your misdeeds.

[Yunus 10:24] The example of the life of this world is similar to the water which We sent down from the sky, so due to it the earth’s vegetation grew in abundance - that which men and cattle eat; to the extent that when the earth has taken on her ornaments and is well beautified, and her owners thought that it is within their control, Our command came to it at night or at day - so We made it harvested as if it had not existed yesterday; this is how We explain the verses for the people who ponder.

[Yunus 10:25] And Allah calls to the abode of peace, and guides whomever He wills on the Straight Path.