[Yunus 10:34] Say, "Is there any one among your partners (false deities) that can create for the first time and then after its extinction, create it again?" Proclaim, "Allah creates for the first time and then after its extinction, creates it again - so where are you reverting?"

[Yunus 10:35] Say, "Is there any among your partners that shows the right path?" Say, "Allah shows the right path; so who should be obeyed - the One Who shows the right path, or one who does not even find the right path unless he is guided? So what has happened to you? What sort of a judgement you impose!"

[Yunus 10:36] And most of them do not follow anything except assumptions; indeed assumption does not serve the least purpose (in place) of the truth; indeed Allah knows their deeds.

[Yunus 10:37] And this noble Qur’an is not such that anyone can invent it, without Allah revealing it - but it surely is a confirmation of the Books preceding it and is an explanation of all that is written on the (preserved) tablet - there is no doubt in it - it is from the Lord Of The Creation.

[Yunus 10:38] What! They dare say that "He has fabricated it"? Say, "Then bring one chapter like it and, other than Allah, call everyone you can if you are truthful."

[Yunus 10:39] On the contrary, they denied the thing the knowledge of which they could not master, whereas they have not yet seen its outcome; similarly those before them had denied, therefore see what sort of fate befell the unjust!

[Yunus 10:40] And among them is one who accepts faith in it, and among them is one who does not accept faith in it; and your Lord well knows the mischievous.

Section 5

[Yunus 10:41] And if they deny you, say, "For me are my deeds, and for you are your deeds; you have no concern with what I do, and I have no relation with what you do."

[Yunus 10:42] And among them are some who listen to you; so will you make the deaf hear even if they do not have any sense?