[Yunus 10:79] And Firaun said, "Bring every expert magician to me."

[Yunus 10:80] So when the magicians came, Moosa said to them, "Cast whatever you intend to cast."

[Yunus 10:81] Therefore when they had cast, Moosa said, "This what you have brought, is magic; Allah will now make it void; indeed Allah does not make the works of the mischievous successful."

Section 9

[Yunus 10:82] "And Allah will prove the truth by His Words, even if the guilty get annoyed."

[Yunus 10:83] So none accepted faith in Moosa, except a few descendants of his people, fearing Firaun and his court members, that they would force them to revert; and indeed Firaun was a rebel in the land; and indeed he crossed the limits.

[Yunus 10:84] And Moosa said, "O my people! If you have accepted faith in Allah, then you should rely only upon Him, if you are Muslims."

[Yunus 10:85] They said, "We have relied only upon Allah; Our Lord! Do not make us a test * for the unjust people." (* By giving them power over us.)

[Yunus 10:86] "And with Your mercy, rescue us from the disbelievers."

[Yunus 10:87] And We sent the divine revelation to Moosa and his brother that, "Build houses for your people in Egypt and make your houses as places of worship, and keep the prayer established, and give glad tidings to the Muslims."

[Yunus 10:88] And Moosa prayed, "Our Lord! You have given Firaun and his chiefs adornment and wealth in the life of this world, our Lord, that they may lead astray from Your path; our Lord! Destroy their riches and harden their hearts so that they may not accept faith until they witness the painful punishment."