[Hud 11:29] "And O my people! I do not ask any wealth from you for it; my reward is only upon Allah, and I am not going to repel the Muslims; indeed they will meet their Lord, but I find you people completely ignorant."

[Hud 11:30] "And O my people! Who would rescue me from Allah if I repel them? So do you not think?"

[Hud 11:31] "And I do not say to you, ‘I have the treasures of Allah’ nor that ‘I gain knowledge of the hidden’, nor do I say that, ‘I am an angel’ nor do I say to those whom your sights consider lowly, that Allah will never give them any good; Allah well knows what is in their hearts; if I do so, I would then be of the unjust."

[Hud 11:32] They said, "O Nooh, you have disputed with us and disputed in the extreme, therefore bring upon us what you promise us, if you are truthful."

[Hud 11:33] He said, "Allah will surely bring that upon you if He wills, and you will not be able to escape."

[Hud 11:34] "And my advice will not benefit you if I wish you good, when Allah wills to keep you astray; He is your Lord and to Him you will return."

[Hud 11:35] What! They dare say that, "He has fabricated it"? Say, "If I may have fabricated it, then my sin is upon me, and I am unconcerned with your sins."

Section 4

[Hud 11:36] And it was divinely revealed to Nooh that "None of your people will become Muslims, except those who have already accepted faith - therefore do not grieve at what they do."

[Hud 11:37] "And build the ship in front of Us, and by Our command, and do not speak to Me regarding the unjust; they will surely be drowned."