[Hud 11:63] He said, "O my people! What is your opinion - if I am on clear proof from my Lord and He has bestowed upon me mercy from Him, so who will rescue me from Allah if I disobey Him? So you will not increase anything for me, except loss!"

[Hud 11:64] "And O my people! This is the she-camel of Allah - a sign for you - so let her graze in Allah’s earth, and do not touch her with an evil intention for an imminent punishment will reach you."

[Hud 11:65] In response they hamstrung her, he therefore said, "Enjoy a further three days in your homes; this is a promise that will not be untrue."

[Hud 11:66] Therefore when Our command came, We rescued Saleh and the Muslims who were with him by Our mercy, and from the disgrace of that day; indeed your Lord is the Strong, the Almighty.

[Hud 11:67] And the terrible scream seized the unjust - so at morning they remained lying flattened in their homes.

[Hud 11:68] As if they had never lived here; indeed the tribe of Thamud disbelieved in their Lord; away with the Thamud!

Section 7

[Hud 11:69] And indeed Our angels came to Ibrahim with glad tidings - they said, "Peace"; he answered, "Peace" and without delay brought a roasted calf.

[Hud 11:70] And when he saw their hands not reaching towards it, he thought they were pretending and inwardly started fearing them; they said, "Do not be afraid - we are sent to the people of Lut."

[Hud 11:71] And his wife was standing by and she started laughing *, so We gave her glad tidings regarding Ishaq, and following Ishaq, regarding Yaqub.** (* She was glad that the disbelieving people of Lut would be destroyed. ** The birth of these two.)