[Hud 11:72] She said, "Oh woe to me - will I bear a child whereas I am an old woman, and this my husband, is an old man? This is something really extraordinary."

[Hud 11:73] The angels said, "Do you wonder at the command of Allah? Allahís mercy and His blessings be upon you, O people of this house; indeed He only is Most Praiseworthy, Most Honourable."

[Hud 11:74] And when Ibrahimís fear abated and the glad tidings reached him, he argued with Us regarding the people of Lut.

[Hud 11:75] Indeed Ibrahim is most forbearing, very soft hearted, penitent.

[Hud 11:76] "O Ibrahim, turn away from this; indeed your Lordís command has come; and indeed a punishment will come upon them, which will not be averted."

[Hud 11:77] And when Our angels came to Lut, he was distressed for them and was disheartened due to them, and said, "This is a day of great hardship."

[Hud 11:78] And his people came running towards him; and they were in the habit of committing evil deeds; he said, "O my people! These women of the tribe are my daughters * - they are purer for you - therefore fear Allah and do not disgrace me in the midst of my guests; is there not even a single righteous man among you?" (* The wives of those people.)

[Hud 11:79] They said, "You know that we have no right to the daughters of your tribe; and you obviously know what we desire."

[Hud 11:80] He said, "If only I had the strength against you or were able to get the refuge of some strong support!"

[Hud 11:81] The angels said, "O Lut! We are the sent ones of your Lord - they cannot get to you, therefore during the night take your entire household with you - and not one of you may turn around and see - except your wife *; she too will be afflicted with the same as they will be; indeed their promise is at morn; is not the morning imminent?" (* She was a disbeliever and sided with the culprits.)