[Hud 11:109] So O listener (followers of this Prophet), do not fall into doubt by what these disbelievers worship; they only worship just as their forefathers worshipped before; and indeed we shall pay them their due in full, undiminished.

Section 10

[Hud 11:110] And indeed We gave Moosa the Book, hence there was discord regarding it; and were it not for a Word that had been previously passed from your Lord, the matter would have immediately been decided regarding them; and indeed they are in an intriguing doubt concerning it.

[Hud 11:111] And indeed to each and every one, your Lord will fully repay his deeds; He is Informed of their deeds.

[Hud 11:112] Therefore remain firm the way you are commanded to, and those who have turned along with you, and O people - do not rebel; indeed He is seeing your deeds.

[Hud 11:113] And do not incline towards the unjust, for the fire will touch you - and you do not have any supporter other than Allah - then you will not be helped.

[Hud 11:114] And keep the prayer established at the two ends of the day and in some parts of the night; indeed good deeds wipe out the evil deeds; this is an advice to those who heed it.

[Hud 11:115] And have patience, for Allah does not waste the wages of the righteous.

[Hud 11:116] So why were not there some people, from the generations before you, who had some goodness remaining in them in order to prevent (others) from causing turmoil in the earth? Except a few among them - the very ones whom We had rescued; and the unjust remained pursuing what they were given, and they were guilty.

[Hud 11:117] And your Lord is not such as to destroy townships without reason, while their people are righteous.