[Yusuf 12:15] So when they took him away - and all of them agreed that they should drop him in the dark well; and We sent the divine revelation to him, “You will surely tell them of their deed at a time when they will not know.”

[Yusuf 12:16] And at nightfall they came to their father, weeping.

[Yusuf 12:17] Saying, "O our father! We went far ahead while racing, and left Yusuf near our resources - therefore the wolf devoured him; and you will not believe us although we may be truthful."

[Yusuf 12:18] And they brought his shirt stained with faked blood; he said, "On the contrary - your hearts have fabricated an excuse for you; therefore patience is better; and from Allah only I seek help against the matters that you relate."

[Yusuf 12:19] And there came a caravan - so they sent their water-drawer, he therefore lowered his pail; he said, "What good luck, this is a boy!"; and they hid him as a treasure; and Allah knows what they do.

[Yusuf 12:20] And the brothers sold him for an improper price, a limited number of coins; and they had no interest in him.

Section 3

[Yusuf 12:21] And the Egyptian who purchased him said to his wife, "Keep him honourably - we may derive some benefit due to him or we may adopt him as our son"; and this is how we established Yusuf in the land, and that We might teach him how to interpret events; and Allah is Dominant upon His works, but most men do not know.

[Yusuf 12:22] And when he matured to his full strength, We bestowed him wisdom and knowledge; and this is how We reward the virtuous.