[Yusuf 12:44] They answered, "These are confused dreams - and we do not know the interpretation of dreams."

[Yusuf 12:45] And of the two the one who was released said - and after a long time he had remembered - "I will tell you its interpretation, therefore send me forth."

[Yusuf 12:46] "O Yusuf! O truthful one! Explain for us the seven healthy cows which seven lean cows were eating and the seven green ears of corn and seven others dry, so I may return to the people, possibly they may come to know."

[Yusuf 12:47] He said, "You will cultivate for seven years continuously; so leave all that you harvest in the ear, except a little which you eat."

[Yusuf 12:48] "Then after that will come seven hard years which will devour all that you had stored for them, except a little which you may save."

Yusuf 12:49] "Then after that will come a year when the people will be given rain and in which they will extract juices."

Section 7

[Yusuf 12:50] And the king said, "Bring him to me"; so when the bearer came to him, Yusuf said, "Return to your lord and ask him what is the status of the women who had cut their hands; indeed my Lord knows their deception."

[Yusuf 12:51] The king said, "O women! What was your role when you tried to entice Yusuf?" They answered, "Purity is to Allah - we did not find any immorality in him"; said the wife of the governor, "Now the truth is out; it was I who tried to entice him, and indeed he is truthful."

[Yusuf 12:52] Said Yusuf, "I did this so that the governor may realise that I did not betray him behind his back, and Allah does not let the deceit of betrayers be successful."