[Yusuf 12:70] And when he had provided them their provision, he put the drinking-cup in his brotherís bag, and then an announcer cried, "O people of the caravan! You are indeed thieves!"

[Yusuf 12:71] They answered and turned towards them, "What is it you cannot find?"

[Yusuf 12:72] They said, "We cannot find the kingís cup, and for him who brings it is a camel-load, and I am its guarantor."

[Yusuf 12:73] They said, "By Allah, you know very well that we did not come here to cause turmoil in the land, and nor are we thieves!"

[Yusuf 12:74] They said, "And what shall be the punishment for it, if you are liars?"

[Yusuf 12:75] They said, "The punishment for it is that he in whose bag it shall be found, shall himself become a slave for it; this is how we punish the unjust."

[Yusuf 12:76] So he first searched their bags before his brotherís bag, then removed it from his brotherís bag; this was the plan We had taught Yusuf; he had no right to take his brother by the kingís law, except if Allah wills; We may raise in ranks whomever We will; and above every possessor of knowledge is another scholar.

[Yusuf 12:77] They said, "If he steals, then indeed his brother has stolen before"; so Yusuf kept this in his heart and did not reveal it to them; he replied within himself, "In fact, you are in a worse position; and Allah well knows the matters you fabricate."

[Yusuf 12:78] They said, "O governor! He has a very aged father, so take one of us in his stead; indeed we witness your favours."