[Yusuf 12:79] He said, "The refuge of Allah from that we should take anyone except him with whom our property was found - we would then surely be unjust."

Section 10

[Yusuf 12:80] So when they did not anticipate anything from him, they went away and started consulting each other; their eldest brother said, "Do you not know that your father has taken from you an oath upon Allah, and before this, how you had failed in respect of Yusuf? Therefore I will not move from here until my father permits or Allah commands me; and His is the best command."

[Yusuf 12:81] "Return to your father and then submit, ‘O our father! Indeed your son has stolen; we were witness only to what we know and we were not guardians of the unseen.’

[Yusuf 12:82] ‘And ask the township in which we were, and the caravan in which we came; and indeed we are truthful.’ "

[Yusuf 12:83] Said Yaqub, "Your souls have fabricated an excuse for you; therefore patience is excellent; it is likely that Allah will bring all * of them to me; undoubtedly only He is the All Knowing, the Wise." (* All three including Yusuf.)

[Yusuf 12:84] And he turned away from them and said, "Alas - the separation from Yusuf!" and his eyes turned white with sorrow, he therefore kept suppressing his anger.

[Yusuf 12:85] They said, "By Allah, you will keep remembering Yusuf till your health fails you or you lose your life."

[Yusuf 12:86] He said, "I complain of my worry and grief only to Allah, and I know the great traits of Allah which you do not know."