[Raad 13:6] And they urge you to hasten the punishment before the mercy, whereas the punishments of those before them have concluded; and indeed your Lord gives the people a sort of pardon * despite their injustice; and indeed the punishment of your Lord is severe. (* By delaying their punishment despite their disbelief.)

[Raad 13:7] The disbelievers say, "Why is not a sign sent down upon him from his Lord?" You are purely a Herald of Warning, and a guide for all nations.

Section 2

[Raad 13:8] Allah knows all what is inside the womb of every female, and every increase and decrease of the wombs; and all things are with Him by a set measure.

[Raad 13:9] The All Knowing of all things hidden and visible, the Great, the Supreme.

[Raad 13:10] Equal * are the one among you who speaks softly and one who speaks aloud, and one who is hidden during the night and one who walks during the daytime. (* For Allah.)

[Raad 13:11] For man are angels of alternating duties, in front and behind him, who guard him by Allah’s command; indeed Allah does not change His favour upon any nation until they change their own condition; and when Allah wills misfortune for a nation, it cannot be repelled; and they do not have any supporter besides Him.

[Raad 13:12] It is He Who shows you the lightning, for fear and for hope, and raises the heavy clouds.

[Raad 13:13] And the thunder proclaims His purity with praise, and the angels out of fear of Him; and He sends the bolt of lightning - it therefore strikes upon whom He wills, whilst they are disputing concerning Allah; and severe is His seizure.