[Raad 13:14] Only the prayer to Him is truthful; and whomever they pray to besides Him, do not hear them at all, but like one who has his hands outstretched towards water that it may come into his mouth, and it will never come; and every prayer of the disbelievers remains wandering.

[Raad 13:15] And to Allah only prostrate all those who are in the heavens and in the earth, willingly or helplessly - and their shadows - every morning and evening. (Command of prostration # 2).

[Raad 13:16] Say (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), "Who is the Lord of the heavens and the earth?" Proclaim, "Allah"; Say, "So have you appointed such as supporters besides Him, who can neither benefit nor harm themselves?"; say, "Will the blind and the sighted ever be equal? Or will the realms of darkness and the light ever be equal?" Have they appointed such as partners to Allah who created something like Allah did? Therefore their creation and His creation seemed alike to them? Proclaim, "Allah is the Creator of all things, and He Alone is the Dominant over all."

[Raad 13:17] He sent down water from the sky, so valleys flowed according to their measure, therefore the water flow brought forth the froth swollen upon it; and upon which they ignite the fire, to make ornaments and tools, from that too rises a similar froth; Allah illustrates that this is the example of the truth and the falsehood; the froth then bursts and disappears; and that which is of use to people, remains in the earth; this is how Allah illustrates the examples.

[Raad 13:18] For those who obeyed the command of Allah is goodness and if those who did not obey Him owned all that is in the earth and in addition a similar one like it, they would give it to redeem their souls; it is they who will have a wretched account, and their destination is hell; and what a wretched resting place!