Section 3

[Raad 13:19] So will he, who knows that what is sent down upon you from your Lord is the truth, ever be equal to him who is blind? Only the men of understanding heed advice.

[Raad 13:20] Those who fulfil the pact of Allah, and do not renege on the covenant.

[Raad 13:21] Those who unite what Allah has commanded to be united, and fear their Lord, and apprehend the evil of the account.

[Raad 13:22] Those who were patient in order to gain their Lordís pleasure and kept the prayer established and spent in Our cause part of what We bestowed upon them, secretly and openly, and repel evil by responding with goodness - for them is the gain of the final abode.

[Raad 13:23] The everlasting Gardens of Eden which they will enter, and the deserving among their forefathers and their wives and their descendants - the angels will enter upon them from every gate.

[Raad 13:24] (Saying), "Peace be upon you, the recompense of your patience - so what an excellent gain is the final abode!"

[Raad 13:25] And those who break the pact of Allah after its ratification, and sever what Allah has commanded to be joined, and spread turmoil in the earth - their share is only the curse and their destiny is the wretched abode.

[Raad 13:26] Allah eases and restricts the sustenance for whomever He wills; and the disbelievers rejoiced upon the life of this world; and the life of this world, as compared with the Hereafter, is just a brief utilisation.

Section 4

[Raad 13:27] And the disbelievers said, "Why was not a sign sent down upon him from his Lord?" Proclaim, "Indeed Allah sends astray whomever He wills, and guides towards Himself the one who comes towards Him."

[Raad 13:28] "Those who accepted faith and whose hearts gain solace from the remembrance of Allah; pay heed! Only in the remembrance of Allah is the solace of hearts!"