[Ibrahim 14:11] Their Noble Messengers said to them, "We are indeed human beings like you, but Allah bestows favour upon whomever He wills, among His bondmen *; it is not our task to bring any proof to you except by the command of Allah; and only upon Allah must the Muslims rely." (* Therefore Prophets and other men are not equal in status.)

[Ibrahim 14:12] "And what is the matter with us that we should not rely on Allah? He has in fact shown us our ways; and we will surely be patient upon the troubles you cause us; and those who trust must rely only upon Allah."

Section 3

[Ibrahim 14:13] And the disbelievers said to their Noble Messengers, "We will surely expel you from our land, unless you accept our religion"; so their Lord sent them the divine revelation that, "Indeed We will destroy these unjust people."

[Ibrahim 14:14] "And indeed We will establish you in the land after them; this is for him who fears to stand before Me and fears the commands of punishment declared by Me."

[Ibrahim 14:15] And they sought a decision, and every stubborn rebel was destroyed.

[Ibrahim 14:16] Hell went after him, and he will be made to drink liquid pus *. (* Discharged from the wounds of other people in hell.)

[Ibrahim 14:17] He will sip it with difficulty but be unable to swallow, and death will approach him from every side and he will not die; and a severe punishment is after him.

[Ibrahim 14:18] The state of those who disbelieve in their Lord is that their deeds are like ashes which the strong wind blew away on a stormy day; they got nothing from all that they earned; this is the extreme error.