[Ibrahim 14:19] Have you not seen that Allah has created the heavens and the earth with true purpose? If He wills, He can remove you all and bring a new creation.

[Ibrahim 14:20] And this is not at all difficult for Allah.

[Ibrahim 14:21] They will all publicly come in the presence of Allah - then those who were weak will say to those who were the leaders, "We were your followers - is it possible for you to avert some of Allah’s punishment from us?" They will answer, "If Allah had guided us, we would have guided you; it is the same for us, whether we panic or patiently endure - we have no place of refuge." (* This conversation will take place between the disbelievers and their leaders.)

Section 4

[Ibrahim 14:22] And Satan will say when the matter has been decided, "Indeed Allah had given you a true promise - and the promise I gave you, I made it untrue to you; and I had no control over you except that I called you and you obeyed me; so do not accuse me, blame only yourselves; neither can I help you, nor can you help me; I have no concern with your ascribing me as a partner (to Allah); indeed for the unjust is a painful punishment."

[Ibrahim 14:23] And those who believed and did good deeds will be admitted into Gardens beneath which rivers flow, abiding in it forever, by the command of their Lord; their greeting in it is "Peace".

[Ibrahim 14:24] Did you not see how Allah illustrated the example of a sacred saying? Like a sacred tree, which has firm roots and branches reaching into heaven.