[Ibrahim 14:34] And He gave you much of what you seek; and if you enumerate the favours of Allah, you will never be able to count them; indeed man is very unjust, most ungrateful.

Section 6

[Ibrahim 14:35] And remember when Ibrahim prayed, "O my Lord! Make this town (Makkah) a safe one, and safeguard me and my sons from worshipping idols."

[Ibrahim 14:36] "O my Lord! The idols have led many people astray; so whoever followed me, is indeed mine; and whoever disobeyed me - then indeed You are Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful."

[Ibrahim 14:37] "O our Lord! I have settled some of my descendants in a valley having no cultivation, near Your Sacred House - O our Lord! So that they may keep the prayer established, therefore incline some hearts of men towards them, and provide them fruits to eat - perhaps they may be thankful."

[Ibrahim 14:38] "O our Lord! You know what we hide and what we disclose; and nothing is hidden from Allah, neither in the earth nor in the heavens."

[Ibrahim 14:39] "All praise is to Allah Who gave me Ismail and Ishaq, in my old age; indeed my Lord is the Listener of Prayer."

[Ibrahim 14:40] "O my Lord! Maintain me as one who establishes prayer, and some of my descendants; O our Lord! and accept my prayer."

[Ibrahim 14:41] "O our Lord! And forgive me, and my parents, and all the Muslims on the day when the account will be established."

Section 7

[Ibrahim 14:42] And do not ever assume that Allah is unaware of what the unjust do; He does not give them respite but for a day in which the eyes will become fixed, staring.